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Nails Services

  • Bling-bling Gel Nail Service (Hand) (SKH08)
  • |First Trial $188

Services included: gel nail removal, lengthening, nail designing, nail stamping Materials included: glitter, gel, Swarovski crystals (20 small pieces)

  • Professional Manicure (SKH17)
  • |First Trial $78
  • Professional Pedicure (SKH07)
  • |First Trial $150

Contains services of filing, removal of dead skin cells and nail polishing

Other Treatments

  • Refreshing Body Massage Therapy (45 mins) (BM02)
  • |First Trial $88

Stimulate blood circulation and relax the tightened muscles with massage, helping the body detoxify.

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage Therapy (30 mins)(SL24)
  • |First Trial $88

Using the massage technique to improve metabolism and blood circulation, the massage step in view of the lymphocyte is smoothly discharged the waste in vitro.

  • DNA Peeling Facial (Men's Rejuvenating Treatment)(HE008)
  • |Frist Trial $128

Remove dead skin cells, blackheads and pimples effectively with sonic vibration technology, leaving the skin cleaner, fresher and glossier. Treatment followed by a facial massage with a blend of herbal extracts, stipulating blood circulation and enhancing skin absorbability.

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