Top 10 treatments
Top 10 treatments

Basic Facial Treatment

  • DNA Peeling Facial
  • |TR022

Remove dead skin cells, blackheads and pimples effectively with sonic vibration technology, leaving skin looking cleaner, fresher and glossier. Treatment followed by a facial massage with a blend of herbal extracts, stimulating blood circulation and enhancing skin absorbability.

  • Royal Jelly Moisturizing Facial
  • |TR070

Deep clean the skin; build muscles and burn fats effectively by speeding up blood and lymphatic circulation; tighten up pores and remove wrinkles; enhance skin absorbability, leaving skin looking brighter and more youthful.

  • Vitamin C Whitening Facial
  • |TR089

Fill the skin with vitamins and provide better protection against free radicals. Contains: Vitamin C – revitalize skin, prevent wrinkles and reduce melanin. Moderate use of Vitamin C helps restore moisture and elasticity to the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines.


Superior Facial Treatment

  • Pen for Camomile Kiss Anti-Sensitive Treatment
  • |PEN01

Help relieve general allergic effects and reduce skin irritation; provide instant soothing and calming effects. Suitable for dry skin type.
Contains: Camomile – restore water-oil balance; increase skin elasticity; leave skin brighter by refraining the production of melanin. Aloe essence – nourish and moisturize skin, leaving skin crystal-clear and refreshing.

  • Pen for Collagen Firming Treatment
  • |PEN02

Collagen accelerates the skin cell’s regeneration, blood circulation and metabolism, thereby enhancing the immunity of the skin, balance skin moisture and improve dullness skin, making the skin become more elastic and smooth.

  • Pen for Pearl Whitening Facial Massage
  • |PEN03

Using the advanced instrument, through the Voice vibration and with the essence point massage to detoxify skin effectively, also help to against oxidation and whiten the skin.

  • Pen for Hydration Treatment
  • |PEN34

Facilitate the skin absorbability and filming skin by improves the micro circulation of blood. Diminish the pore, reduce pigmentation of skin and increase the skin elasticity.



  • |TR65

Enriched in gold, caviar, honey and collagen; effectively foster skin metabolism and defend skin against oxidants; improve the self-healing ability of skin, bringing skin radiance and youthfulness.
Contains: Gold – Perfect remedy for acnes and spots. Encourage cell regeneration; nourish skin; reduce dullness in face. Natural Moisturizing Factors – soothes, calm and nourish skin; boost cellular metabolism; remove dead skin cells and impurities deep under the skin.

  • |TR193

Enriched in Vitamins A, C and E; reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; prevent sagging skin; improve skin complexion and reduce dullness; protect skin against UV radiation and reduce skin pigmentation; improve skin elasticity and moisturization, making skin glow.


Advanced Natural

  • |PEN38

Improve blood circulation; reduce skin conditions caused by weakened immune system and the use of inappropriate cleansing products with the use of high frequency current.



  • |PEN40

Contain highly soluble materials that improve skin absorbability of active ingredients; boost lymphatic circulation, remove wastes and stimulate underlying structures with vacuum suction, bringing facial skin more firmness.

  • |PEN 41

Stimulate blood circulation and the production of collagen; effectively remove waste from the body through the immune system and reduce water retention, bringing much vitality to the skin.

  • |PEN42

Boost blood circulation and reduce inflammation and oil secretion by applying high-frequency current to the skin.

  • |PEN43

Enriched in natural algae essence; provide effective and prolonged relief to allergic effects; revitalize skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen by applying intense pulsed light to the skin.

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